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Students may choose to change or “swap” classes during Term One and Two, however we advise to make this decision prior to term 3 as we will commence showcase routines at the beginning of term 3.There is a one off yearly registration fee of $40 per student. Students enrolments will automatically roll into the following term, unless a cancellation form is filled out. This is essential, so we can process the cancellation to ensure that you are no longer charged any ongoing fees after the 2 weeks paid notice. If you fail to notify us, you will be responsible for the payment of the owing fees. Simply “not turning up any more” doesn’t un enrol a student from classes. Communication can be made through the Parent portal or by sending us an email at 

STUDIO PH: (02) 46020306

Refund Policy

We are unable to provide a refund on classes at Synergy, except in the case that a class has been cancelled (which may happen rarely under extreme circumstances, or if the teacher is sick and a suitable substitute teacher cannot be found.) We do provide a full refund if a payment has been miscalculated according to our records, however it is the sole responsibility of the payee on the enrolment form  to make sure that our office is kept up to date with the correct enrolment information. In the case of significant injury where a student is unable to attend classes for longer than 3 weeks, please contact us and we can assess individually. 

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