Synergy Dance & Fitness Studio - 42 Lightwood St Ambarvale 

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Synergy is dedicated to creating new opportunities for our students to succeed in personal development and to build quality relationships between our families. Our Mission for the future of Synergy is to ensure that every student who steps foot through the Synergy doors are welcomed, gaining knowledge, gaining confidence, improving their skills, creating life long friendships/memories and our biggest mission of all is to have you all become a part of something great! We value each and everyone of our Synergy Family members and thank you for your support. 


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Ages 5+ years


Ages 5+ years Invitational only 


Synergy dance and fitness is an amazing dance school! My daughter has been attending since she was 2 and a half and she is now 7. Throughout the years we have always felt apart of a wonderful, caring, supportive and encouraging dance family. My daughter loves dance so much and looks forward to every dance class she goes to, and has loved having what we believe the best mentors across those years. Her confidence and pride in who she is and what she can do has grown so much, and it is through how Miss Emma and all of the other teachers she has worked with support her and every student that attends and encourages their development. I am amazed at how confident she is now and how she just shines on stage and loves to perform! I am forever grateful for Miss Emma, Miss Vicki and the team at Synergy!

- Zoe Vetoratos

Synergy Dance and Fitness has been my daughters second home for 9 years. It is a professional, fun, friendly and nurturing environment; where you become apart of an extended family. 


The owner and dance principal Emma Powderly (Kelly) and her truly amazing dance teachers are role models and passionate mentors to all the children they teach. They don’t just teach dance; they teach the joy of dance. They nurture and embrace each child’s passion for dance. They teach self confidence, respect, positive attitudes, teamwork and support children’s social, emotional, physical and mental health. The duty of care at Synergy Dance and Fitness is 1 in a million. 


The teachers emphasise and reiterate proper and safe techniques. As well as allowing students to express themselves, be creative and always have fun. This allows them to reach their full potential and their personal bests. 


The choreography, music and costumes each year are entertaining, fun, energetic and age appropriate. 


Communication with parents is done via email and various social media platforms so parents are always aware of important information; and also as a parent the lines of communication towards the dance school is always open and active. 


I highly recommend Synergy Dance and Fitness to anyone considering a dance school for their child / children, as you will never regret this decision. 

- Gloria Bruin