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Synergy Dance & Fitness Studio

Welcome to Synergy Dance & Fitness Studio. We are a Sport Aerobics & Dance studio located in Campbelltown, who are dedicated to creating new opportunities for our students to succeed in personal development and to build quality relationships between our families.

Our Mission for the future of Synergy is to ensure that every student who steps foot through our doors are welcomed, gaining knowledge, confidence, improving their skills, making friendships/memories and to create a safe space for our students and families to be a part of something great! 


Dance Studio Campbelltown

Sport Aerobics 

Synergy End of year Concert Camden Civic Centre


We would like to welcome you to the Synergy family. Synergy is not only a dance and fitness studio for kids and teens but a community of students, parents and teachers who share the same passion for performing arts. With the inspiration, support and guidance of our talented teachers, every student of Synergy is nurtured, to reach their full potential. - We strive to make the Synergy experience stress-free and fun! With over 65 classes on our weekly timetable for 2023, there is a class for everyone. We are proud to be continuously evolving and moving with the industry and implementing the newest techniques and programs. 



It’s the atmosphere of your dance school. It’s welcoming and nurturing for the children not only as dancers but as little impressionable humans. 

The teachers are so invested and do so much more than just teach dance. They teach life skills, compassion, respect, dedication and perseverance. 

They are challenged and pushed to achieve their goals and the teachers celebrate every success with them along the way.

It’s the students you enrol who reflect the values you teach. The students around the studio have such an impact on the younger children and it’s a credit to the teaching to see the friendships formed at Synergy.

It’s the parents who are so supportive of each other and each other’s children. We often don’t realise the importance of those chats in the waiting area as busy parents.

It's the familiar faces when you come everyday. Knowing if you need to ask a question or need help, Vicki Kelly is there at her little window at reception.

It’s just so many things.

6 years of the blue, black and white and so many more to come!

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