Winning doesn't always mean being first, it means you are doing better than you've done before. Synergy is dedicated to creating new opportunities for our students to succeed in personal development and to build quality relationships between our families. 

Our Mission...

It is our priority here at Synergy to ensure that each student takes home a sense of achievement and satisfaction from every class. 

Synergy provides specialised classes for beginners through to advanced in Dance, Sport Aerobics, Acro Dance and Singing. Our highly trained and professional staff are here to create a safe, fun learning experience for your children, nurturing them and moulding their potential on their journey here at Synergy. 

Our classes are specially designed and available to children aged 2 right through to adults, “You are never to old to dance” We are here to develop young talent through positive reinforcement, no matter what level you may be at. 

Synergy has achieved many great results throughout the years ranging from local eisteddfods, to National and International dance and sport aerobics championships. 

We are absolutely delighted to share who we are and what we stand for as you decide how we fit into your future plans and visions for yourself and or your children. We are driven to ensure that our students here at Synergy are armoured with the skills provided that can be carried into their future. If you are unsure in this moment in time if we are the right choice, please contact us so we can guide you through the possibilities and opportunities of becoming a Synergy student and part of our family. 

Emma has always been a strong believer in the saying “The pain of disappointment is much greater then the pain of hard work!” Children are our future and being able to have a positive impact and to be a role model in her students lives, is the sole reason Emma has created Synergy. 


From the age of 2 Emma has shown a passion for Dance & Fitness. She has competed in many Dance and Fitness competitions including representing Australia at the 2008,2010,2011 & 2013 World Sport Aerobics Championships and is currently ranked 2nd in the world. Emma is a passionate Dance teacher and Fitness instructor who loves to bring a fun approach to her classes.


After a nasty fracture to her lower back, and many years of modifying exercises, Emma decided to also become a Pilates instructor to help her gain the knowledge and to assist her rehabilitation. Emma is here to motivate, answer any questions and most importantly, have you leave each class with a big smile on your face and a sense of accomplishment.




* Certificate 3 in Fitness

* Certificate 2 in Business Studies 

* Certificate 4 in Dance Teaching and Business        Management

* Qualified Pilates Instructor

* Senior First Aid and CPR


Synergy Dance & Fitness Studio is located 55 km South-West of Sydney. At  our new premises in Ambarvale, we specialise in beginners to advanced dance, sport aerobics, Acro Dance and Dance for all ages.We have a fantastic preschool program called Ready Set Dance, with enthusiastic teachers to really capture the imagination of our little stars.


Classes are available to children aged 2, right through to adults. We guarentee a positive, safe and exciting learning environment where students can develope their talent through positive reinforcement. 


Synergy Dance & Fitness Studio have achieved many great results throughout the years ranging from local Dance eisteddfods, to National and international Dance and Sport Aerobics Championships. 


So whatever level you may be at, Synergy have the friendly fun classes you have been looking for. Come along and meet our dedicated staff whom bring a happy family vibe to the studio. 


- Jodie Alford

My daughter Jessica (8) started dancing at Synergy Dance and Fitness in 2012 and was joined by my son Stuart (9) in 2015.  Both Jessica and Stuart have autism resulting in learning difficulties.  Stuart also has sensory issues including an aversion for loud noises.
Over the past few years, the teachers at Synergy Dance and Fitness have been very understanding and have gone out of their way to help Stuart and Jessica.  Jessica now enjoys dancing at eisteddfods and as well as Stuart enjoying dancing, he is now less concerned about loud music and noise in general which I believe dancing has assisted with. 
Both Jessica and Stuart have made many friends at Synergy Dance and Fitness which is now a big part of my family’s life.
If you are looking for a dance school that will go out of their way to address special needs, talk to Emma at Synergy. 
- Jodie Alford

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